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Meja Kantor Modera C Class

Office Desk Modera C Class

Modera C Class offers full range of module designs adaptable to all surroundings. With C Class series, you

have the freedom to create welcoming, creative, communicative environments.

Looking for solution for each space, C-Class series is designed to adapt perfectly to all needs. The genuine

combination of comfort, aesthetics and rationality in the C-class series gives the perfect harmony requiered

for your office.

We have the professional expertise and experience in finding the perfect solution for your office space concept,

by adapting to the style and behaviour of working professionals of today and the future.

Great flexibility and high level of user's comfort & performance can be achieved through Modera, because

all of our functional furniture elements can be adapted immediatelly to your current space layout and can

be easily upgraded from time to time.

Modera - Meja Kantor C Class (1)

Modera - Meja Kantor C Class (1)

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