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Tempur - Long Hug Pillow

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he Long Hug Pillow by Tempur® is a multi-functional pillow with a variety of applications.

Patented technology
The Long Hug Pillow by Tempur® combines support and comfort in a new and radical way. A traditional shaped pillow made from a patented TEMPUR Envelope and containing shredded TEMPUR Material gives a soft luxurious feel whilst maintaining the pressure relief. Due to the TEMPUR Comfort TechnologyTM (TCT), the Long Hug pillow supports your head and neck in every sleep situation and it reduces pressure that restrict blood flow, cause pain, and disrupt sleep.
Multifunctional pillow for ultimate comfort

The Long Hug Pillow has a variety of applications. Besides being used as a hug pillow, it can replace the need for two pillows on a double bed because of its length and can even be used by two people instead of separate pillows. It can also be used as a support pillow when reading or watching TV in bed. On the couch the Long Hug Pillow is an unrivalled companion for support and comfort.

Pillow Cover
The cover is made of the well known high quality soft yellow TEMPUR velour. There is no need for using a separate pillow case because the velour cover can easily be zipped of washed at 60 degrees, dried and put on again.

37x120 cm

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