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Elite - Kasur Spring Pocket on Pocket Latex type CONTINENTAL

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Luxurious Pocket On Pocket With Euro Top & Pillow Top Springbed Elite type CONTINENTAL

Continental menghadirkan pengalaman beristirahat yang istimewa dan senantiasa menenangkan, spring bed Continental dari Elite merupakan yang terbaik di kelasnya. Pocketed coils yang menjadi penyokong tubuh saat Anda sedang beristirahat memuat 600 pegas per meter persegi (m2), menyediakan dukungan yang ekstra nyaman.

Terdiri dari lapisan natural latex dan high density Dura-Foam, permukaan spring bed Continental dilapisi premium jacquard fabric, Euro Top, dan Pillow Top.


pocketed on pocketed

Pocketed on Pocketed Spring System

Pocketed on pocketed spring system is more superior to the ordinary pocketed spring. It has more springs that work independently to minimize the effect of shaking; also it gives you extra support against the tension from body weight while lying down.

mini coil

Mini Coil

Mini coil absorbs the pressure from body weight and resulting in more comfortable mattress. The independent configuration of the spring inside the mattress is higher, and this can make you feel more comfortable when you lie down.

600 per m2 coils

600/m2 Coils

Mattress with more springs can bear the pressure better and also more comfortable and durable significantly.

euro top and pillow top

Euro+Pillow Top System

It is a system that synergizes the comfort that comes from the latex and the pillow top. It gives you the extraordinary tenderness without lessen the ability of the mattress to distribute the pressure from body weight optimally.

high density dura foam

High Density Dura-Foam

This foam is produced to have the high density to support the body weight better without lessen the comfort and tenderness to gives you the best sleep quality.

luxurious natural latex layer

Luxurious Natural Latex Layer

The luxurious natural latex layer provides the extraordinary elasticity that can spoil your body while sleeping. It can help to regulate the temperature around your body so that you feel comfortable all along.

jacquard fabric

Premium Jacquard Fabric

Organic cotton fabric is made from natural cotton that cultivated without pesticide or any other dangerous chemical substance. It is very strong and amazingly soft at once.

Kekerasan : Medium Soft

Compability Set

Head Board


Scarlet - 140 cm



Monaco - 25 cm

High Matress


43 cm

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