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Elite - Kasur Spring Pocket Latex type IMPERIAL

Price: Rp11.980.000,00
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Ultimate Pocketed Spring With Latex Springbed Elite type IMPERIAL

Imperial, sebuah penetap standar terbaik untuk kasur yang memberikan kemewahan sekaligus kenyamanan untuk gaya hidup yang sesuai dengan Anda. Imperial memberikan kualitas yang tinggi, kemewahan yang istimewa, dan sensasi tidur berkualitas yang dibutuhkan untuk mendukung kualitas hidup yang prima.

Rasakan sensasi keempukan dan kenyamanannya, sensasi tidur yang istimewa dan memulihkan kondisi tubuh akan dengan mudah dihadirkan. Imperial memberikan kenyamanan, kemewahan, sekaligus menjadi kasur yang dapat menjaga kesehatan


pocketed coils

Pocket Spring

This is the spring technology that accentuates comfort and can absorb the tension independently. Each spring can muffle optimally without even effected by other spring around.

foam encasement

Foam Encasement

Foam encasement system increases the durability of the mattress by strengthens the structure of the spring without lessen its flexibility of the movement.

plush and pillow top system

Plush+Pillow Top System

This is a smart system that can minimize the effect of bouncing from the mattress and level up the comfort for the best quality sleep.

warp knitted bamboo fabric

Warp-Knitted Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fiber is knitted exclusively with a perfect process to become an extraordinary soft and durable fabric. It also has the ability to absorb the heat optimally and anti allergy.

profile/ convoluted foam

Profile Foam/ Convoluted Foam

Profile foam is designed to distribute the body weight evenly to all the surface of the mattress. This system has ideal durability to share the pressure of the weight to every different zone costumed to body contour.

luxurious natural latex layer

Luxurious Natural Latex Layer

The luxurious natural latex layer provides the extraordinary elasticity that can spoil your body while sleeping. It can help to regulate the temperature around your body so that you feel comfortable all along.

Kekerasan : Medium Firm

Compability Set (Medium Firm)
Head Board
Allium - 133 cm
Monaco - 25 cm
Tinggi Kasur
35 cm

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