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Elite - Kasur Spring+Foam Orthopedic type DR.SMART

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The Real Ultra Firm Mattress For The Back Problems Elite type DR. SMART

Bahan high-density Dura foam dalam kasur Dr.Smart secara aktif menjaga susunan tulang belakang. Tidur Anda nyaman berkat sistem double cones coil dengan 186 pegas per meter persegi (m2), masing-masing berdiameter 2,5 mm-yang terbesar di kelasnya. Sistem pegas M-Guard yang dikombinasikan dengan Corner Guard membuat kasur kokoh, menjaga posisi tubuh Anda tetap selama tidur. Bahan premium knitted fabric sebagai penutup kasur melancarkan sirkulasi udara dan mengatur kelembaban sekeliling.


high density dura foam

High Density Dura-Foam

This foam is produced to have the high density to support the body weight better without lessen the comfort and tenderness to gives you the best sleep quality.

m edge

M-EDGE Guard

This is a solid and sophisticated spring composition system that can bear the pressure from body weight more concentrate. It can spread the pressure effectively to all part of the spring. It can make the edge of the mattress stronger so that the body won’t slip when lying down.

corner guard

Corner Guard

It is a structural framework of the mattress that can make the movement of the spring more linear. It makes the mattress more solid and steady in bearing the pressure of body weight.

everflex double cones

Everflex double cones design spring

The spring system which has more springs than usual so it gives extra comfort and better muffles ability.

186 per m2 coils

186/m2 Coils

Mattress with more springs can bear the pressure better and also more comfortable and durable significantly.

wire 2.24 mm

Heavier Steel Wire Ø 2,24mm

The steel wire which is thicker becomes the parts of the structure of the mattress. It gives better durability against the heavy weight, so that the mattress becomes more durable.

warp knitted fabric

Warp-Knitted Fabric

This fabric is made from the best selection of threads and knitted by the high precision machine.It has an amazingly soft and extraordinary durability.

premium knitted fabric

Premium Knitted Fabric

The best selection of threads are knitted with the sophisticated technology machine to create the fabric that has not only amazing durability but also extraordinary softness and the ability to distribute the temperature and pressure at the very best.

Kekerasan : Firm

Harga belum termasuk divan dan sandaran

Compability Set (Firm)
Head Board
Alamanda - 137 cm
Paris - 32 cm
Tinggi Kasur
24 cm

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