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Elite - Kasur 3 in 1 Spring Latex type REGENT

Price: Rp10.300.000,00
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Spring Latex Mattress 3 in 1 Elite type REGENT

Spring latex mattresses are created to maintain the health of your spine and incomparable comfort, making the right choice for kesempuranaan Regent growth of your teen. Its modern design in accordance with the teenage characters are dynamic. Create your child's room airy, with large beds, mattresses thanks to the ingenious Regent.


everflex double cones

Everflex double cones design spring

The spring system which has more springs than usual so it gives extra comfort and better muffles ability.

6 turns coil system

6 Turn Coil Spring System

The spring system with 6 turn coil gives you optimal strength and higher flexibility.

premium knitted fabric

Premium Knitted Fabric

The best selection of threads are knitted with the sophisticated technology machine to create the fabric that has not only amazing durability but also extraordinary softness and the ability to distribute the temperature and pressure at the very best.

anti dust mite

Anti Dust-Mite Fabric

Anti dust-mite fabric is designed and produced through specific process to protect the bed from the mite and flea and other organism. This material lengthens the life of the mattress while keeping you away from asthma and allergy.

luxurious natural latex layer

Luxurious Natural Latex Layer

The luxurious natural latex layer provides the extraordinary elasticity that can spoil your body while sleeping. It can help to regulate the temperature around your body so that you feel comfortable all along.

Available Size

90 x 200 (cm), 100 x 200 (cm), 120 x 200 (cm), 140 x 200 (cm)

Compability Set


Head Board



25 cm

Fressia - 130 cm



26 cm

Divan Bed


35 cm

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You Save: 40.00%